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There’s No Fun Without Everyone! – Honda Mobilio

Hey fellow-Bloggers!

I’ve been working on this digital marketing presentation on Honda Mobilio today. (Do click on the link and you’ll find it there!)

Isn’t a tagline like “The More, The Merrier”, apt for this 7-seat wonder? Or maybe something in Hindi like “Sab Saath Jahaan, Khushiyaan Wahaan!”

Let me know what you think in the comments section below!


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A Tribute To Sir Alan Rickman


With due respect to any celebrity I’ve ever liked, no one’s demise has left me feeling this sad. My heart sank the instant I read the news. A sense of emptiness lurks in the air; as though I knew him. I feel like I’ve lost a relative. Perhaps, I have. All of us, in fact. We, who are bound to each other with an invisible thread of unfaltering loyalty to a phenomenon called Harry Potter, lost one of our own today. There are people, yet awaiting their Hogwarts letter; I believe I received mine in the form of the first book in the series. The day I turned the first page was my first step into a world that would be brought to life in films – where my beloved character would be portrayed by my most favourite actor – Sir Alan Rickman. A versatile actor with stellar performances to his credit and I will still remember him as Professor Severus Snape. The Half-Blood Prince. No other actor could’ve done justice to the role, like Alan Rickman. I loved Professor Snape for the enigmatic ‘villain’ he was, for I’m predisposed to favouring dark characters. I admired him for the hero he turned out to be. I shall continue to respect him for his loyalty in love, life and death. I cried once when Snape died. And then again today. My heart hasn’t stopped grieving, my mind cannot accept it, nor can I wrap my head around this loss. I can only pray for my childhood idol’s soul. May the good Lord bless and keep you, Sir.
We lost a legendary actor and a man of exceptional character and poise. Hogwarts lost one of its Headmasters, who in Harry’s words was “probably the bravest man (he) ever knew.” We lost our Potions Master. We will miss you every time we turn to page 394 and raise our wands in salute. You will live on as a part of us. After all the years. Always.



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Latest Punjabi Wedding Songs

Winter’s here, which means it’s Wedding Season! Band, baaja, baaraat time *woot, woot!* Indian weddings are synonymous with music; Mehendi, Sangeet, Shaadi, Reception – and the other innumerable rasam and rivaaz in between – are incomplete without it.

A wedding is a colossal affair where everyone, from relatives to the mohalle-waale, is involved; even when it comes to music. We’ve heard it all:

  • Ladies of the house and the neighbourhood aunties – particularly the zealous aunties – singing their hearts out,
  • The live orchestra at Sangeet functions playing classics like Mere angne mein tumhara kya kaam hai
  • Band-wallahs announcing your yaar’s shaadi to the entire city,
  • And the DJ belting out one Yo Yo Honey Singh number after another.

Speaking of which, Punjabi songs deserve a special mention. No wedding is complete without a Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol or Main Toh Ainvayi, Ainvayi. Admit it! So, if you’re out hunting for the best contemporary Punjabi songs to brighten up your friend’s, sibling’s, or heck, even your own wedding ceremonies, you’re at the right place.

I’ve been pondering over this list since quite some time now so be rest assured a lot of thought and research has gone into it. If only college research work could be this fun. *Ahem*

I’ve done away with Bollywood Punjabi songs, because they’re basically inescapable, and stuck to those from latest Punjabi movies and albums. (To maintain recency, all listed songs are 2013-2015 releases). It’s pretty much got something for everyone. You’ll love these if you’re a Punjabi music fan, or a Punjabi, or both!

  1. Godday Godday Chaa – Malkit Singh

The happiest song I’ve heard in a long time. Anyone with a large family who loves their food, drink and dance will instantly connect with and love it. It address every possible member of one’s family from Mummy-Daddy, Chacha-Chachi, Maasi-Maasar, brothers, sisters, jija, friends, relatives and the entire gathering; with ‘Kaala Doriya’ thrown in for good measure. You won’t feel left out with this one no matter how you’re related (or not) to the groom!

  1. Sithneyan – Jaz Dhami

Sithneyan refers to light banter that ensues between the maternal (Naanke) and paternal (Daadke) sides of the family. The song has run into a controversy-of-sorts where some consider the lyrics to be offensive (with reference to the YouTube comments). However, for those who can take it with a pinch of salt, this is one enjoyable song.

  1. Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo – Title Song

Punjabi folk music with a twist of modernity! Sung by Amrinder Gill and Shipra Goyal, this song is naturally beautiful and captures the essence of traditional Punjabi songs; the only twist being the silver di taar.

  1. Glassi – Mr. & Mrs. 420

The people who stand strong through the entire wedding rigmarole deserve a song in their honour, right? No, not the bride and groom; I’m talking about their friends. These guys (and girls) put their heart and soul into performing their BFF duties, which of course earns them the right to enjoy to the fullest! After all, if it wasn’t for your buddies, who would breathe life into your Sangeet and Mehendi? And who would dance in your baaraat as if his life depends on it, haan?

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve seen people take these lines a tad seriously – ‘ajj nachna ae sir te glassi rakhke’ and ‘muh vich rumaal paake hath naal ghumaavangey’; even when the song doesn’t call for it. Such is the level of enthusiasm and energy. Believe me you definitely want this on your list. Plus, it has Jassi Gill, Yuvraj Hans and Binnu Dhillon for God’s sake. Need more reasons?

  1. Ghagre Di Lauwn – Dildariyaan

It calls for only 3 things: dance, dance and dance. The beats of the song and voices of Jassi Gill and Kaur B make you forget the world and do the Bhangra, shoulder chak chak ke!

  1. Saa Charju – PNB

Wedding playlist without the quintessential Girls Vs. Boys Bhangra song? Whaaa? Nuh-uh! This one by hit-machine PBN is absolutely fun and will linger in your mind all day. It indulges in a healthy battle of the sexes and has some amazing beats fit for the bhangre de rajas and giddeyaan di ranis! Bring together the men and women of the family and let the dance war begin. Don’t forget the Grey Goose. Just saying. It is after all a wedding, no?

  1. Shagna Di Tyari – Happy Raikoti (7 Knaalan)

‘Every girl dreams of her wedding day’; har ladki ka sapna and all that. I was reminded of these cringe-worthy statements we’ve heard a million times over and pleasantly surprised to see how the cliché has been taken and turned on its head in the most adorable way. Ha! So, it isn’t only the girls who dream of their big day! Shanga Di Tyari is a song from the boy’s point-of-view (finally!) and a masterpiece by young gun, Happy Raikoti.

  1. Dil Da Plot – Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin

This one by Jassi Gill & Roshan Prince, the immensely talented duo that has taken the Punjabi music scene by storm, is a must-have on your wedding playlist. (Come to think of it, I’ve unintentionally listed quite a few Jassi Gill songs; seems like he’s ruling the roost. Good for him!)

Baaki kudiyaan da 22, 23, 24, 25, 26… The play on the word ‘boycott’, ‘bai’cott (in the Punjabi accent) and ‘22’ (the number 22 is pronounced in Punjabi as bāī) is epic and terribly cute. That was just FYI because you mustn’t miss out on it.

  1. Aaja Bhangra Pa Laiye – Saadi Love Story

Diljit Dosanjh and Amrinder Gill. What? Isn’t that reason enough for a song to be absolutely phenomenal? You have Navraj Hans’ vocals to boot. Okay, Surveen Chawla is the leading lady. Happy now? Yay! *ting*

  1. Nanke Dadke (Boliyan) – Raj Ghuman

One solely for the Punjabi weddings! Think the list is incomplete without Boliyaan? Me too. So here you go! In her distinct voice, Raj Ghuman sings this beautiful number, which gets feet tapping and the entire family dancing! Burrraahh!

I can’t help adding one more to my initial list ‘cuz 10 is just not enough! Here’s a bonus:

  1. Singh Naal Jodi – Sukhshinder Shinda & Diljit Dosanjh

One simply can’t put together a Punjabi playlist and give the most effervescent and lively jodi a miss. Go traditional with this beautiful Singh-Kaur track sung by the remarkable duo of Diljit Dosanjh and Sukhshinder Shinda. O chakkle dholiye!

There! You’re now ready to impress the family with your knowledge of fantastic songs! You’re welcome 😀

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Assam 1860, Tea As It Should Be – Review


thumbnail (3)

Tea is the elixir of life; like love in a cup; a best friend that will never judge you. It’s liquid magic. No beverage, mark my words (not even coffee), comes close to being a miracle worker like tea! Precisely why I believe Assam 1860 and I have forged a bond that is sure to last a long, long time.

If there’s any Indian brand that has the most courteous and co-operative ‘tea’m, it’s Assam 1860. I’ve been a loyalist since I stumbled upon their website and social media accounts. Their Twitter and Instagram profiles are flooded with the most impressive set of puns that revolve around, well, tea! This punny fever is infectious and has quite evidently rubbed off on me.

thumbnail (1)
Taking my love for tea on Instagram

With over 150 years of experience and expertise, Assam 1860 is India’s highest quality gourmet black tea brand. The leaves are plucked, processed and packaged in the estate itself that gives an assurance of quality. Assam 1860 celebrates tea.
(Now that’s one par’tea’ I’d love to be invited to!)

Tea bags as well as loose CTC tea is available, that is un-blended and brought to you 6 months fresher than other brands. (CTC refers to the Crush-Tear-Curl method of processing tea). Truly garden fresh! I tried out a cuppa chai recently and haven’t stopped since. I’m officially a fan.

thumbnail (2).png
Fresh, young leaves at the Thowra Estate

It’s got a robust flavour that’s strong but not over-bearing. It’s fragrant and revitalizing. You can brew the tea with milk (doodh cha in Bengali lingo), take your shot of black liquor, a cup brimming with masala chai or even turn it into a glass of delicious, energizing lemon ice tea!

What comes across is that the distinct flavour that’s typical of Assam tea and that’s honestly what I absolutely love. Clearly very different from the brand I’ve been consuming for years now. The change, like the tea, is refreshing and welcome. One sip and you are transported from your home to the James Warren Tea Estate of Thowra, Assam. For me, it was love at first sip, indeed.

The cute li’l cuppa says “Brace yourself, it’s s’tea‘my time!”

Its packaging is noteworthy too. The tea bags come in plastic pouches, neatly arranged in a green cardboard box. The little bags themselves are made of cloth mesh unlike other brands that use flimsy, paper-like material. This prevents the bag from tearing and leaves from spilling out if dipped in very hot liquid. A lot of thought has gone into taking care of a customer’s needs and it’s these little things that really win over our hearts!

Perfection in packaging

Oh, while we’re on it, if you live in Kolkata or are currently visiting, do visit Park Street (but of course). While you’re there, drop in to the Assam 1860 stall. Only yesterday, I was walking down Park Street soaking in the sights and sounds of Christmas when I noticed the Assam 1860 stall.

I was pleasantly surprised and naturally couldn’t contain my enthusiasm, so I went ahead to meet the team; a group of well-educated, well-spoken graduates who are as passionate about tea as me. Yay. I stand by my words and repeat, Assam 1860 has the friendliest representatives.

The wheel of for’tea’une

Now go get your pack of Assam 1860! What’re you waiting for? Christmas? 😉 Teas the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la…

(All pictures have either been clicked by me or borrowed from the official social media accounts of Assam 1860)

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Mamma Mia, McCain India!


I return home from college at 7 o’clock every evening, throw my bag on the sofa and run to the kitchen to claim my right on some delectable mom-made snacks, followed by dinner that’s fit for a King. I’ve never really wondered how she juggles work in the office and at home. May be because she’s never let it seem like a humongous task, which I’m certain it is.

Sometimes I feel I should help around in the kitchen but I can barely shuttle between college and tuition without getting drained. I salute all mothers; honestly, I can’t even imagine myself doing this much and surviving to tell the tale. *feels inadequate* *cringes* That’s where McCain comes into my life like an answer to my prayers.


It takes around 3 minutes to cook which means one is only THREE minutes away from heavenly goodness. It’s so easy to make, either deep fry or bake and you’re all done. No hard work involved, yet the outcome is delish!

During one of my feeling-useless moments, an idea struck me. I totally intend to execute it this weekend when my young shoulders aren’t cumbered with a load of studies. *phew*

Here’s the plan (shhh, don’t tell anybody) –

  1. Come Saturday, I get my stock of McCain Smiles and sneak it into the freezer… Also, (at least) one of every other kind, some of which are – McCain French Fries, McCain Super Wedges, McCain Aloo Tikki, McCain Potato Cheese Shotz, McCain Cheese & Jalapeno Nuggets ( Cheese *nomnomnom*)
  2. Wait for mom to move out for her weekend-evening walk
  3. Whip up a batch of these angelic looking Smiles
  4. Wait for mom to return and surprise her with a plate-full of McCain Smiles!
  5. Click a pic of her happy-smiling face!


Ta-da! There you have it! My master plan of bringing a smile on my mother’s face in the best way possible *lifts collar and feels proud* I bet you won’t find anything as cute and smile-able as McCain Smiles!

Okay! Quick question! Hurry up and solve this riddle : What’s crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and delicious all over?

Think, think!

McCain, of course!

No, you’re not getting any prizes for guessing the obvious! Just come on over to share some McCain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites (yummm!) and a cuppa chai! A tasty treat is better than any gift after all, no?!


Double the smiles all around with McCain! –>

(Images taken from the official McCain India website)

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It’s Too Late


It–It can’t be… But it is! I can see myself! I’m 5 years old. Dad’s performing the Diwali puja rituals. An innocent smile spreads across my baby-face as I hear fire crackers burst outside. Phantom-like, I observe my (once) happy family and a tear rolls down.

A momentary flash of white light and there I am again; only this time, 16 years old, receiving my ‘Prefect’ badge in school. I watch my proud, confident self read out a note of thanks.

*Flash* Scene 3 – Me, from around a year back, sitting on a rock facing the sea and laughing, carefree. Through this strange, hollow darkness, I observe my younger self, wishing I could reverse time.

Yet another flash. But I can’t see myself anymore. I can’t see anything, actually. A thick black pall engulfs me. I can’t move either but I hear voices. It’s all coming back to me. I realise what’s happening but it’s too late.

‘Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive beta,’ – mum’s voice. ‘Ek aur shot pee le kuch nahi hoga,’ – Karan’s voice. ‘At least I’m more sober than all you drunkards put together. I’ll drive,’ – my voice. I can’t breathe properly but sounds I hear; wheels screeching, friends screaming, a cyclist whimpering, a windshield smashing to smithereens and a horn that won’t stop.

Strangely the excruciating pain is now easing out. I can feel my wounded body slump and my spirit rise to look at my lifeless form. My head rests on the steering wheel. That’s why the horn won’t stop. Noooo! I don’t want to go. I want to live, please.

My soul weeps terribly but it’s just too late. Words reverberate, shattering the deathly silence – Whatever you do beta, don’t drink and drive.

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Maa Aschen! Kolkata Gears Up For Durga Puja, 2015

With Mahalaya (Mahalaya Amavasya) marking the end of the Pitru Paksha yesterday, 12th October, 2015 and the beginning of Devi Paksha from today, I could not have found a more auspicious day to post this. The Pitru Paksha (Pitri Paksha), as we know is a period when Hindus observe Shraadh/Tarpan (paying homage by making offerings of food) for the souls of their departed ancestors.

The beginning of Devi Paksha (Debi Pokho) marks the decent of Goddess Durga; when she embarks on her journey to earth. Well, Maa Aschen (Mother, Maa Durga is on her way). Here are a few pictures to support both the statement and the heady rush of excitement the words evoke. The City of Joy is abuzz. No Pujo like Durga Pujo and no better place to experience it that in Kolkata.



“I can’t keep calm because I’m a Bengali and Puja is coming,” they say. I beg to differ. You needn’t be Bengali for Durga Puja to be your most favourite festival in the whole wide world. You simply need to belong or have belonged to Bengal. On that note, I’m a true-blue Calcuttan, part-Bengali at heart and no one I say no one, can ever take that away from me. You can take me out of Kolkata but never take Kolkata out of my heart *goosebumps*

Enough of me, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

This idol in the making, I found about a week back in Garcha Lane:

Maa Durga idol making

The College Square Puja pandal as viewed from the terrace of the University of Calcutta:


It’s the hard work and sincerity of such people that take shape as these marvelous structures. Don’t miss the two men atop this Hazra Road pandal:



This one coming up at Singhi Park. The sheer number of people that visit are enough to validate its popularity!


The one at Golfgreen Park. Just where you see the Taxi taking a turn, is a lane that had more bamboo work done – probably a setup for the lights.


The one at Mullick Bazar, weeks back. My first pandal-click this year!


Prettying up! Blue lights flank the Gariahat Flyover:


I cannot wait to see these (and more) Puja Pandals when the idols have been placed and Maa’s radiant face beams back at us; our Mother in absolute splendour.

মা আসছেন| Bolo Durga Maa Ki Jai!

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Wow! Momo, Kolkata : Review


If food could be called cute, momo would win the title hands down. I’ve been a fan of these heavenly little cushions right from the word go. Sauntering down Hazra Road one evening, I nearly stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed a brand new outlet of Wow! Momo. Imagine my delight! I’m a foodie whose love for momo is sacrosanct. Wow! Momo has several outlets in Kolkata. You can imagine my joy when I discovered yet another one. Here’s an honest review, from a momo-loyalist.

photo 1 (2)

This is near the Ballygunge Phari petrol pump. The joint is slightly crammed with 3 tables for two. It seats about 8 people at the maximum and the delectable food more than makes up for the lack of room. The walls have framed images and add charm to the space. It’s air-conditioned, which automatically makes the place comfortable.

photo (3) - Copy
Momo Time, Party Time!

Right from the traditional steamed and fried momos to the Wow! Momo specials, including fish, mushroom, cheese and chocolate stuffed momos, this place has it all! The Chicken Pan Fried Momo in Schezwan Sauce comprises crispy fried momos laden with a spicy-sweet sauce. If you’re someone who likes a little kick of chilli, you’ll surely love it. (I do!) The momos come with a red chilli paste and green chutney.

photo 3 (1)
Chicken Pan Fried Momo in Schezwan Sauce

Heard of the MoBurg? No? Well, it’s a momo-burger! It’s quite an innovation and an extremely interesting combination. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive but it was de-li-cious! Two pieces of chicken fried momos, sandwiched between burger bread along with a yummy green chutney, red chilli sauce and mayo. Mmmmm, so gooood!

photo 2 (1)
Presenting… The MoBurg!
photo 2 (2)
Messy goodness. Yumm!

The Mushroom Fried Momo was a slight let-down. If you’re the kind who loves mushroom to the extent that you get into a tussle with your siblings over the last bite, you’re in for disappointment. I didn’t expect Paneer (cottage cheese) in the stuffing along with the mushroom. Yes, it tasted great but you’ll probably enjoy it better if you’re a fan of paneer.

photo 5
Mushroom Fried Momo

Overall, it’s a pocket-pinch because Kolkata has momo stalls and restaurants at every nukkad. However, it’s totally worth it, considering the hygiene level they maintain. Their open kitchen is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen. Absolutely spic and span! Super impressive and genuinely commendable!

photo 4
The Combo, with Pepsi. Eat, drink, be merry!

The Wow! Combo is a boon. Imagine saving some bucks AND have the treat of your life. What more can a perennially broke student like me ask for?! Talk about having your momo and eating it too!

I’ve tried out (and loved – but naturally) the delicacies served at the New Market (near New Empire Cinema) outlet; the one inside South City Mall (in Spencers), is my favourite haunt; not to forget, the Big Bazaar outlet in Jadavpur (Baghajatin). The Harza outlet tops the list though, simply due to convenience.

Here you go! The menu.



Only one teenie-weenie complaint. No Malai Tandoori Momos?! [Wow! Momo, why you do this? 😦 ] I religiously follow their Instagram profile (Username: wowmomos). what hunger-inducing pictures! *drools* Please introduce the Malai Tandoori Momos, A.S.A.P! I’ve got the Chicken Thukpa and Chocolate Momo on my agenda too. See you again, Wow! Momo. Soon. Very soon.

photo 3 (2)

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Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte Lip Tint – Raving Red – Review



Kajal has been the only makeup item I’ve owned for a very long time but I decided to break the monotony the instant I saw Kareena Kapoor sporting two vibrant shades in Lakme’s recent Absolute Lip Pout advert. So, I went ahead and got myself a Raving Red; after virtually trying it out on the Lakme Makeup Pro app to amazing results! The range comes in 6 gorgeous matte colours, which mostly comprises pinks and reds. I was super excited to try it out as matte is more ‘my thing’ than gloss.

Launched during the Lakme Fashion Week 2015, each stick is priced at Rs. 650 for 3.5 grams. Last season it was all about gloss but this time, matte’s taken centre stage with these 6 exciting shades:

  • Magenta Magic
  • Pink Fantasy
  • Raving Red
  • Starlet Red
  • Tangerine Touch
  • Victorian Rose

photo 3

Let’s start with the playfully coloured packaging. The chubby crayons come with a body that has the same matte colour it contains inside, along with a silver cap. They’re retractable and don’t need to be sharpened. The thought of sharpening any product breaks my heart because of the amount of wastage, so this is a definite plus for me.

I like the fragrance, though that’s completely subjective. It lasts for about 3-4 hours after which the colour starts to fade and leaves a little tint which means you have to re-apply. By personal experience, it isn’t very easy to apply and doesn’t quite glide on like a dream. It isn’t as smooth as I’d imagined and those with dry lips definitely need to exfoliate and moisturize before application. It is matte and therefore has a drying effect. You may need to dab on a little bit of lip balm before applying, if you have very dry lips.


I wasn’t as pleased with the swatches as after applying to the lips. The colour turns out really well! It’s fairly well pigmented and leaves a lovely tint (as the name suggests) in one swipe. It does require a reasonable number of swipes though if you want a deeper shade. Speaking about the colour I have, Raving Red is a subtle shade of red; if you’re not one who likes the bright blood-red kind, this one’s for you. It gives a certain amount of brightness to my face and adds a pop of colour to my usually understated sense of style. It also transfers a bit.


All in all, it delivers on most of its promises. The colour is vibrant, it has a matte finish, the colour pay off is really good, it doesn’t require sharpening. In my opinion, the application was not as quick, easy or comfortable as claimed. Seems the product isn’t quite meant for people with dry lips. There’s a little scope of improvement there so as to not let a portion of Lakme loyalists feel left out. I, for one, am completely loving it, woohoo! Kudos to Lakme; matte fans will love this and others may even convert 😉

photo 4 (1)

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Lakme Makeup Pro App – Review



In an episode of MTV’s very first season of India’s Next Top Model, the contestants were seen tip-tapping on a tablet, testing the remarkable features of the Lakme Makeup Pro app by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (a widely trusted company whose brands Indians swear by). I was enamoured. I mean you apply makeup… but you don’t. Get what I mean? No? Wait, I’ll be glad to elucidate.

For starters, the app is free on Android. So yesterday I nicked my mom’s phone to download it. Isn’t available on iOS yet, so couldn’t get it on mine. Why you do this Lakme? *cries* It opens up in front-camera mode where your camera becomes a mirror. You can then virtually try out Lakme’s latest looks without having to drag your lazy feet to the store. You may:

  • Work on your face in real time
  • Or, simply click a picture then and there
  • Orrr, if you’re not camera-ready, you could also select a nice full-face selfie from your gadget gallery instead!


Time to bash some misconceptions! To all those negative review(er)s –

I’ve read a lot of complaints in the Review section of the app, about certain features ‘not working’ or facial features not getting detected. Well, indeed, some eye makeup features don’t seem to work in real time mode. Try clicking a picture instead. They work fine there! Also there’s an ‘adjust’ option to make life easier. Please take some time and have a little patience. In all fairness, I did have some difficulty too. It does need slight improvement! (Psst, hey, Lakme are you listening?) However, it’s technology, something many don’t understand. It’s best left to the experts. Let’s give Lakme a break and cut them some slack, no? The app is an innovative creation after all! *applauds*


The Pro Stylist Looks option – You have a variety of pre-set looks which can be sort by:

  • Occasion – Day time, Night out, Minimal Ethnic & Ornate traditional
  • Outfit Colour

There is also a DIY selection of makeup options to choose from:

  • Skin – To de-tan, add gloss, make it radiant
  • Face – To apply a range of blush, compact, mousse, concealer
  • Eyes – From mascara to eyeliner, kohl to kajal, eye shadow et al
  • Lips – My ‘app’solute favourite, the matte range (I’ve tried it on my pictures, which you can see below), sculpt and gloss

My favourite is the intensity adjusting option. I’m a little averse to dressing OTT and couldn’t agree more with Shahrukh Khan who says it’s better to be under-dressed than over-dressed.

You can save/share your final look and view all Lakme products you’ve used. Select your favourite ones to buy directly from their e-commerce partner. Talk about major convenience! Phew!

photo (2)

I strongly recommend giving it a shot! It’s a must try!

Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte - Raving Red
Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte – Raving Red (*random thought* It makes my teeth look whiter!)


Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte - Pink Fantasy (which happens to be my favourite)
Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte – Pink Fantasy (Which happens to be my favourite)


Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte - Starlet Red
Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte – Starlet Red


Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte - Tangerine (Yes, the lip colour matches the curtains. Oopsie!)
Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte – Tangerine Touch (Yes, the lip colour matches the curtains behind. Oopsie!)


Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte - Victorian Rose
Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte – Victorian Rose


Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte - Magenta Magic
Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte – Magenta Magic

The reason I instantly took to this App was mainly due to the ease of use. Honestly, I’ve always been comfortable with my no-makeup look but have been trying to ‘learn’ the basics since some time now. The Lakme Makeup Pro App was probably just the push I needed. Thanks for making the experience so wonderful!

Lakme’s sure managed to convert me. Kudos Lakme, I see what you did there 😉