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My Vitamin E Mantra: The story of Vitamin E, in poetry

Not one to succumb to gym memberships and health food, I began this new year in a surprisingly different way. I caved into my best friend’s demands of getting my lazy life in order and took to working out, eating healthy and taking proper supplements. Since she’s a nutritionist, I now have a professionally-charted diet plan and fitness regimen – the perks (or not) of having a nutritionist-bestie.

Wait, don’t look the other way at the mention of the word ‘diet’. It’s actually quite simple and is definitely working for me. I can already feel the difference. You’ll love listening to what I have to say. Promise… hey… wait…

Hey, psst! Listen up, I made a discovery,

About a magic potion called Vitamin E;

Best for your skin, great for your hair too,

It can be found in the most ordinary foods.


I ensure I get my daily dose,

To keep away health problems & woes;

Wondering what Vitamin E is all about?

Take a look at how I use it & clear your doubts!


Source No. 1 – almonds! You can have them raw,

A healthier dry fruit? No, I never saw!

Almond oil & milk also contain Vitamin E

That fights digestive & respiratory disease.


(Source: )

Note: Vitamin E helps prevent cancer, liver and kidney damage; it slows down Alzheimer’s progression and improves eyesight.

Next up, hazelnuts, rich in Vitamins E & B,

Folate, magnesium, calcium & lots of energy!

Garnish your salads or bake them in muffins;

If not for their nutritive properties, you’d be nuffin!


Not into casual munching, are you?

Craving something rich & wholesome too?

Then lay sliced avocado on salads & toast

Or serve up guacamole – playing the perfect party host.


Kiwi relieves insomnia by inducing sleep

So lap it up for a good measure of Vitamin E;

You’ll love it – it’s fragrant, tangy & sweet

Add some to a bowl of fruit salad for a juicy treat!


(Source: )

To-do: Sprinkle some sunflower seeds on your vegetable salads and soups for an extra burst of Vitamin E. Pescetarians, good news, you can source your Vitamin E from shrimp.

Kids don’t like it but you do – don’t lie!

Boil it, steam it, or eat it stir-fried;

Rich in Vit-E is our very own broccoli –

The healthy green veggie that looks like a tree!


Not to forget tomatoes – most versatile of the lot,

My personal favourite, this red little blob!

From your morning sandwich to soup in the eve,

It works miracles on skin & hair – see it to believe!


And then we have spinach – last but not the least

Even Popeye loves these delicious leaves;

Loaded with antioxidants & of course Vitamin E,

It’s perfect for soup, sandwich & Palak Paneer!


(Source: )

Fun Fact: Vitamin E prevents premature ageing and keeps your tresses looking naturally gorgeous.

Don’t forget your supplements that add to the food,

They’re absolutely needed for an energy boost;

When it comes to Vitamin E, I choose Evion,

India’s No.1 Vitamin E brand – it can never go wrong!


Follow my simple fitness mantra & see

How your life can change with Vitamin E;

Get younger-looking skin, better immunity,

Reduced risk of heart diseases & improved fertility.


Vitamin E’s known for its anti-inflammatory property,

The benefits are many in fitness & well-being;

It even gets rid of pesky menstrual cramps,

So go get your Evion & chart a balanced meal plan!

Me taking my Evion supplements, religiously

Did you know? Vitamin E deficiency gives rise to fatigue, hair problems, dull skin and muscle soreness?

#Evion is India’s No. 1 brand recommended by doctors, to help regain and retain your youthful glow and good health. Even Naina, my nutritionist-BFF, can’t stop raving about Evion Supplements – trusted by doctors for nearly 4 decades.

I get my necessary Vitamin E dose thanks to Naina and Evion. Get yours at too!

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Join The Biggest Travel Sale of 2018 with

The beginning of the year can be fairly demanding in terms of travel, with either you flying off to meet relatives, your friends coming down to visit or you finally making that long-awaited solo trip. The New Year is one big carnival of fun, food, family and of course, vacationing.

Adding to this extravaganza is The Biggest Travel Sale of 2018 by!


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We’ve got your trips sorted, with a world of discounts and gifts to boot.

Go ahead, make the most of The Biggest Travel Sale of 2018!

It’s an opportunity you just can’t miss. Make your New Year a memorable one with

Happy vacationing!


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Can You Guess Who #IndiasMostLovedCEO Is?

Hey, quick question! What comes to your mind when you first hear the word ‘CEO’? Think, think! A sophisticated, unapproachable corporate executive with a stiff upper lip, isn’t it? After all, a CEO can never be lovable. Right?

Wrong! Somewhere in our midst we have a CEO who’s the most adorable one ever. The nation’s most loved! One who cares about your recruitment, appraisal and well-being. No kidding, he’s for real. The only issue being, none of us have quite been able to place who he is.

An actor? A cricketer? A politician? Or a regular, unassuming person like you and I?

Phew! This is a tough one and only time will tell.

In the meantime though, why don’t we start taking turns at guessing?! Participate in this super fun CONTEST and nominate your choice. Put forth your views as to who you think deserves to be #IndiasMostLovedCEO.  Start tweeting; coveted MOTO G mobile phones and Flipkart vouchers are up for grabs! Also, you could be featured here!

Imagine! What if #IndiasMostLovedCEO is the dynamic, young Virat Kohli or the suave Amitabh Bachchan? The polished Mr. Modi or Captain Cool MS Dhoni?

I call dibs on Shah Rukh Khan. He’s proved his mettle as an actor and his business acumen is no secret. He’s astute, politically correct and (let’s be honest) there’s no one who dislikes that dimpled smile! If there’s a CEO the entire country can love, it’s probably him.

That’s entirely my opinion though. You go out there and pitch your ideas too! Don’t forget to ask your friends, family and colleagues to join in the quest. Let’s pool in our opinions and wrack our brains. We may just come up with the right name!

With so many goodies to be won, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Hurry over and participate in the #IndiasMostLovedCEO contest now!

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Who Is India’s Most Loved CEO?

I hear a buzz in the air. About India’s most loved CEO. You hear it too, right?

Ever imagined a CEO who actually cares about your career and salary hikes? (Definitely way more than your boss ever would.) A CEO who is as concerned about your promotion as you? Well, then quit imagining and wake up, because he’s for real! But who is he; or should I say, she?

Honestly, I haven’t been able to stop wondering what’s with people and all this praise for a certain CEO. With the suspense catching up I went ahead with a little online research.

What I read left me baffled. People simply can’t stop gushing about how the CEO has helped transform their lives. From making informed decisions regarding their career, to the dos and donts of an interview and what to say at an appraisal meeting!

Yes, he will even tell you what you should wear to an interview and how to make a great impact. Solve the salary puzzle and know your worth. Learn whether a job offering is the right one for you. The list is endless but the CEO has a solution to your every query!

The country’s going bonkers over guessing who #IndiasMostLovedCEO could be, placing their bets on who they think is the right choice. From Narendra Modi to Batman *sigh* and everyone in between, India’s most loved CEO is anybody’s guess!

On that note, if you think you could guess who the CEO taking the nation by storm could be, join in! Lay a wager on who is #IndiasMostLovedCEO and stand a chance to be featured HERE! Besides, you could win exciting prizes like MOTO G mobile phones and Flipkart vouchers!

Solve the #IndiasMostLovedCEO mystery and take away some amazing prizes! It’s a win-win situation! So, what are you waiting for? Get tweeting!

You know, it’s a chance you don’t want to miss!

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Door locked


I don’t believe this happened,
Can’t accept it’s over,
There’s a lot I’ve left to do,
Still haven’t got closure.

Countless doors to shut,
I’ve people yet to meet;
Untold places I must visit,
Many fond memories to greet.

Please let me go back
Just one last time,
I’ve unfinished work to do,
Lose ends left to tie.

There wasn’t an opportunity,
It happened too fast;
I’m here in the future now
But not done with my past.

The present won’t make sense –
Not until I return;
I miss where I come from,
I’m waiting for my turn.

This place is beautiful,
The people nice and sweet
But my restless heart dedicates
To home, its every beat.

Take me back to my city,
The city of love and joy!
So I can see it one last time,
So I can say good bye.

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Yaar Mod Do – Guru Randhawa, Millind Gaba

This heart-warming song sung and penned by the young mellifluous duo of the Punjabi Music Industry, Guru Randhawa and Millind Gaba, is the newest ode to Friendship. I happened to hear it while flipping through my favourite Punjabi channels and honestly, paused because of Guru Randhawa. His songs like Khat, Outfit and Patola are a rage (Patola, being a personal favourite). I’m glad I stopped to listen because there hasn’t been such a soulful number on friendship in a long time. The instant you think Friendship Song, you think Yaar Anmulle (Sherry Mann) or Yaariyan (Babbal Rai) but now we have another and I don’t hear anyone complaining!

The sincerity in their words travels through their beautiful voices and into your bloodstream like tiny shock-waves, leaving you covered in goosebumps. No matter who you are – a college student who meets his gang everyday but hasn’t realised how valuable they really are or a professional perpetually short on time who can’t recall the last time he caught up with his pals – this track will compel you to stop, reflect and act. It plucks at the heart-strings and will make you pick that phone to make the long-overdue call to your BFF.


The song is intensely nostalgia-evoking with the melody in perfect tandem. You may catch yourself day-dreaming and smiling as you’re reminded of your gang. Passing the bill on and pretending you’re out of cash, happy-highs with the squad, demanding a treat like it’s your birth-right, leg-pulling and endless laughter. The video, however, is heartrending. Seems like an anomaly when observed separately but if you’re not the baal-ki-khaal nikaalne waala person, you’ll appreciate how the picturisation and vocals manage to blend beautifully all the same. The song takes your mind on an emotional journey, replete with smiles and tears.

Do note the tick-tick-tick of a clock that plays throughout the song. It starts the instant the boys are informed about their friends’ critical condition (at 1:23 in the video), to when they see them after a successful, life-saving operation (at 4:46) There’s a moment where we see a clock’s hands move and the beats drop down to a mere tick-tock (2:38). Though fleeting, it adds a metaphorical touch, almost signifying the ephemeral nature of our being.


Lai lo paisa te lai lo pyaar, mainu mere yaar mod do… Take money and take love away but please return my friends to me. Less literally, the lead vocalists recount memories with their buddies and offer to give up everything they possess, in exchange of those lost friends. Phone de wallpaper te ne jo chaar, ohi chaar yaar mod do… Words that hit home and make you realise how friendship takes a blow in this mad rush called life.

Yaar-Mod-do-Song-by-Guru-Randhawa-and-Milind-Gaba - Copy

Special mention to Millind Gaba for his touching performance. He’s the man behind the music that does justice to the sublime lyrics. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well he can act too. In a particular scene where he is seen reminiscing their Shanivaar drinking-in-the-car scenes (3:16), the seamless change in expressions, from smiling to being reduced to tears, reveals his acting prowess!

It’s been around 2 weeks to the release and the song’s been playing on-loop ever since. Yaar Mod Do is after my heart for more reasons than one. Maybe that’s why I felt compelled to write and let the world know about its sheer brilliance on all counts; right from the spell-binding lyrics to the vocals, the video to its execution. This isn’t a review by any means, it’s pure appreciation. Kudos and major respect to everyone behind this master piece! Thank you for giving us the latest Friendship Anthem.


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There’s No Fun Without Everyone! – Honda Mobilio

Hey fellow-Bloggers!

I’ve been working on this digital marketing presentation on Honda Mobilio today. (Do click on the link and you’ll find it there!)

Isn’t a tagline like “The More, The Merrier”, apt for this 7-seat wonder? Or maybe something in Hindi like “Sab Saath Jahaan, Khushiyaan Wahaan!”

Let me know what you think in the comments section below!


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A Tribute To Sir Alan Rickman


With due respect to any celebrity I’ve ever liked, no one’s demise has left me feeling this sad. My heart sank the instant I read the news. A sense of emptiness lurks in the air; as though I knew him. I feel like I’ve lost a relative. Perhaps, I have. All of us, in fact. We, who are bound to each other with an invisible thread of unfaltering loyalty to a phenomenon called Harry Potter, lost one of our own today. There are people, yet awaiting their Hogwarts letter; I believe I received mine in the form of the first book in the series. The day I turned the first page was my first step into a world that would be brought to life in films – where my beloved character would be portrayed by my most favourite actor – Sir Alan Rickman. A versatile actor with stellar performances to his credit and I will still remember him as Professor Severus Snape. The Half-Blood Prince. No other actor could’ve done justice to the role, like Alan Rickman. I loved Professor Snape for the enigmatic ‘villain’ he was, for I’m predisposed to favouring dark characters. I admired him for the hero he turned out to be. I shall continue to respect him for his loyalty in love, life and death. I cried once when Snape died. And then again today. My heart hasn’t stopped grieving, my mind cannot accept it, nor can I wrap my head around this loss. I can only pray for my childhood idol’s soul. May the good Lord bless and keep you, Sir.
We lost a legendary actor and a man of exceptional character and poise. Hogwarts lost one of its Headmasters, who in Harry’s words was “probably the bravest man (he) ever knew.” We lost our Potions Master. We will miss you every time we turn to page 394 and raise our wands in salute. You will live on as a part of us. After all the years. Always.