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Door locked


I don’t believe this happened,
Can’t accept it’s over,
There’s a lot I’ve left to do,
Still haven’t got closure.

Countless doors to shut,
I’ve people yet to meet;
Untold places I must visit,
Many fond memories to greet.

Please let me go back
Just one last time,
I’ve unfinished work to do,
Lose ends left to tie.

There wasn’t an opportunity,
It happened too fast;
I’m here in the future now
But not done with my past.

The present won’t make sense –
Not until I return;
I miss where I come from,
I’m waiting for my turn.

This place is beautiful,
The people nice and sweet
But my restless heart dedicates
To home, its every beat.

Take me back to my city,
The city of love and joy!
So I can see it one last time,
So I can say good bye.

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Moody Poetess

‘Write a 2-minute poem,’ they said,
I yawned, as I rolled out of bed,
Stretching, tripping, scratching my head,
‘My two minute poem.’ Yep! That’s what I read.

I’m a moody poetess,
Rarely sorted, mostly a mess,
“What shall I write? Umm,”
I say to myself;
Well, that’s anybody’s guess!

Sleepy as I am, I sit & jot
Every stray idea, plot, thought,
Can’t let this brain rust and rot,
Bless this poem, oh dear God!

So, as yarn is spun from thread,
I conjure this off the top of my head,
My body is tired, eyes feel like lead;
Now that I’ve done what they said,
It’s time I get back to bed;
‘My 2-minute poem,’
Yes, that’s what I read.

This Poem is written for IndiSpire, Edition #81


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The Goddess

She can read your mind
Before you speak,
She knows you’re hurt
Before you weep,
Fights a million silent battles
But knows no defeat,
She may be hurt
But sure isn’t weak;
Heart large as the ocean
And equally deep
She walks beside you,
Yet in temples you seek;
She’s the same “goddess”
You pray to in mandirs
And prey on in the streets;
She’s not your toy!
Not your property!
O society, wake up and see
Her incessant struggle against atrocities;
She has the right to be free,
What ever happened to equality?
It’s about time you realize,
Goddess, mother, daughter, wife –
You are because of she,
Without her, you wouldn’t be;
She is your all in one,
She… Is a woman.

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Being The Hero You Are

When followers on Instagram decide

Who’s the real star;

When you blog for people to know

How you spent that hour;

Social media has taken over

It’s set the bar,

When a re-tweet defines

The worth of your art;

You let 550 random people

Judge whether you’re smart;

When your popularity is confirmed

By your Facebook friend-list

You believe you’ve got everything

But there’s something you’ve missed.

For every minute spent online

You lose 60 seconds of life;

Look up from the world of

Half truths and lies;

There’s a universe to explore

Before time flies!

From the internet we disconnect,

So with people we can connect;

Pin up pictures on room walls,

Go out, make plans, give them a call;

Step out and see those sunshine smiles,

Share experiences but not online;

Like people, not posts,

It’s one life, make the most!

Don’t let others put out your spark

You’re your own flame in the dark;

Spread love in the real world,

Listen to the beat of a heart;

Yes, agreed, they are a part,

But don’t let them judge you,

Who are miles apart!

Let the virtual world,

Not dictate who you are;

You’re your own hero,

You know you are!