eBook Review: Spilling Silence by Jyotsna Atre

The beauty of silence lies in the fact that it speaks without making a sound; in a postcard worth a thousand words, a note of apology or a glance of love. Spilling Silence by Jyotsna Atre is eloquent and appreciative of the written word that’s unspoken yet powerful.

The book title sets the tone for what lies inside while influencing the reader’s desire to delve deeper. It conjures images of words falling into place with a magical stroke of the pen. Adding to it are the postcard notes preceding each of the 26 poems. The author has intelligently interwoven imagery with verse.

The poet writes with skill and soul, portraying everyday emotions through the lens of her perspective. So, while love, death, separation, or womanhood are familiar experiences, their presentation is fresh and intriguing. She covers them all – from personal memories to straight facts on the world we live in.

What struck me was the brilliance of poetic prowess displayed by Jyotsana Atre. She hasn’t shied away from exploring tools like rhyming words, dialogues and blank verse, hitting the ball right out of the park every time! I, personally, am an advocate of rhyming poetry and thoroughly enjoyed reading the heart-rending Death of a Dialogue – a heady mix of dialogue, rhymes, rhythm and heartbreak.

While Feed It to the Fire is a fast-paced tale that leaves you with a valuable lesson, Kaikeyi aptly describes the ordeals of being a woman (in centuries past and today alike).

Once Was My City… bravely describes the growing apathy in today’s times. We live in a world, not just a country, where voices of reason are silenced mercilessly; where mercenaries have free reign, and fanaticism is justified. Cities that once housed familiar faces now lie barren and strange.

Jyotsana Atre has also penned, boldly yet sensitively, her take on the pandemic – the shortage of vaccines, the pain of watching loved ones suffer, the despair of isolation and the outrage at our leaders’ opportunism.

Just as life comes full circle, so does ‘Spilling Silence’ with a release of pent up angst and hope for a fresh start.

If you love a happy heaping of poetry, I highly recommend you give it a read. Get ready to take your spirit on an enjoyable rollercoaster ride.

Download your copy of Spilling Silence by Jyotsna Atre today!

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