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My Vitamin E Mantra: The story of Vitamin E, in poetry

Not one to succumb to gym memberships and health food, I began this new year in a surprisingly different way. I caved into my best friend’s demands of getting my lazy life in order and took to working out, eating healthy and taking proper supplements. Since she’s a nutritionist, I now have a professionally-charted diet plan and fitness regimen – the perks (or not) of having a nutritionist-bestie.

Wait, don’t look the other way at the mention of the word ‘diet’. It’s actually quite simple and is definitely working for me. I can already feel the difference. You’ll love listening to what I have to say. Promise… hey… wait…

Hey, psst! Listen up, I made a discovery,

About a magic potion called Vitamin E;

Best for your skin, great for your hair too,

It can be found in the most ordinary foods.


I ensure I get my daily dose,

To keep away health problems & woes;

Wondering what Vitamin E is all about?

Take a look at how I use it & clear your doubts!


Source No. 1 – almonds! You can have them raw,

A healthier dry fruit? No, I never saw!

Almond oil & milk also contain Vitamin E

That fights digestive & respiratory disease.


(Source: )

Note: Vitamin E helps prevent cancer, liver and kidney damage; it slows down Alzheimer’s progression and improves eyesight.

Next up, hazelnuts, rich in Vitamins E & B,

Folate, magnesium, calcium & lots of energy!

Garnish your salads or bake them in muffins;

If not for their nutritive properties, you’d be nuffin!


Not into casual munching, are you?

Craving something rich & wholesome too?

Then lay sliced avocado on salads & toast

Or serve up guacamole – playing the perfect party host.


Kiwi relieves insomnia by inducing sleep

So lap it up for a good measure of Vitamin E;

You’ll love it – it’s fragrant, tangy & sweet

Add some to a bowl of fruit salad for a juicy treat!


(Source: )

To-do: Sprinkle some sunflower seeds on your vegetable salads and soups for an extra burst of Vitamin E. Pescetarians, good news, you can source your Vitamin E from shrimp.

Kids don’t like it but you do – don’t lie!

Boil it, steam it, or eat it stir-fried;

Rich in Vit-E is our very own broccoli –

The healthy green veggie that looks like a tree!


Not to forget tomatoes – most versatile of the lot,

My personal favourite, this red little blob!

From your morning sandwich to soup in the eve,

It works miracles on skin & hair – see it to believe!


And then we have spinach – last but not the least

Even Popeye loves these delicious leaves;

Loaded with antioxidants & of course Vitamin E,

It’s perfect for soup, sandwich & Palak Paneer!


(Source: )

Fun Fact: Vitamin E prevents premature ageing and keeps your tresses looking naturally gorgeous.

Don’t forget your supplements that add to the food,

They’re absolutely needed for an energy boost;

When it comes to Vitamin E, I choose Evion,

India’s No.1 Vitamin E brand – it can never go wrong!


Follow my simple fitness mantra & see

How your life can change with Vitamin E;

Get younger-looking skin, better immunity,

Reduced risk of heart diseases & improved fertility.


Vitamin E’s known for its anti-inflammatory property,

The benefits are many in fitness & well-being;

It even gets rid of pesky menstrual cramps,

So go get your Evion & chart a balanced meal plan!

Me taking my Evion supplements, religiously

Did you know? Vitamin E deficiency gives rise to fatigue, hair problems, dull skin and muscle soreness?

#Evion is India’s No. 1 brand recommended by doctors, to help regain and retain your youthful glow and good health. Even Naina, my nutritionist-BFF, can’t stop raving about Evion Supplements – trusted by doctors for nearly 4 decades.

I get my necessary Vitamin E dose thanks to Naina and Evion. Get yours at too!


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