Say hello to good health with the Five Second Rule!

Getting in shape has never been easy. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed ‘fitness freak’ or just plain lazy, it takes massive convincing to get yourself going. Pulling off the covers and dragging yourself to the gym or simply waking up early for a refreshing round of meditation can be a chore.

First things first, quit waiting to feel like getting in shape. It’s never going to happen. No amount of feeling or knowing that you need to get healthy will help you, unless you start moving.

This is where the five-second rule comes into play. I firmly believe, it takes just 5 seconds to achieve great health. Now, before you roll your eyes at me, let me explain! I’m not referring to the 5-second rule where it’s perfectly all right to eat food you dropped on the floor, provided you pick it up within 5 seconds. I’m talking about the effective one.

The simplistic rule is all about taking action within the first five seconds of an idea popping into your head. From the moment a thought crosses your mind, you have just five seconds to act – before your brain scraps the idea.

I’ve listed only a few our many assertions with respect to our existing (or imaginary) fitness regimes:

  • I will make use of my six-month gym membership
  • I must start eating healthy
  • I should wake up early and practice yoga
  • I’ll meditate today
  • I will try putting on some weight to deal with my health problems

All the ‘I wills’ and ‘I shoulds’ fail because we don’t act in time. The human brain tends to panic and reject an intimidating idea. Yours will try to talk you out of all those positive affirmations. So, how do you capitalise on those precious, fleeting seconds?

  • Speak – speak your idea out loud. Tell someone you’re taking Zumba lessons. More likely than not, you will end up making it to class because now someone knows. It becomes more difficult to back out with someone keeping an eye on you!
  • Walk – as I’ve already mentioned, get moving – literally. Walk into the gym after work and get that membership. Once you start walking towards the gym, there’s little chance you’ll stop midway.
  • Write – make a note; from post-its to phone memos and alarms, reminders come in many forms. Write down ‘NO vada pao’ or ‘go jogging in the evening’. It acts like a reaffirmation.

Your health & fitness schedule comprises an endless list but the rule is simple. Just push yourself to take even the smallest step, within the first five seconds of getting the idea & watch miracles happen! It has worked for me, it will for you too.

Using the five second rule is MY way of being healthy: 1 rule & 5 seconds’ time is all it takes! Uncannily similar to Saffola’s motto of #ApneTareekeSeHealthy, isn’t it? So, how will you ‘push for health, your way’?

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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