eKavach Parental Control App

This blog is written for participation in the blogging contest by eKavach Parental Control App – . I am writing about being a #eSuperMom or #eSuperDad! You can also submit your entry here and stand a chance to win Gold/Diamond jewelry and exciting shopping vouchers.

Our neighbours are rich. Hardworking too (which is probably why they are affluent in the first place). Uncle and aunty leave for their office early every morning and return late. The business is a family affair that demands contribution from all the elder family members. They have two young children, one boy of 14 and a girl of 8 years of age. Spoilt silly and addicted to the internet like butterflies to nectar, they get whatever they want even before they realise. Placed under the care of a nanny and with no parent around to supervise, it isn’t impossible that the children go astray. Yet, their parents are tension-free. ‘Why’, you ask? Well, because they have eKAVACH Parental Control App!


There’s no other like it in India that provides online safety for children. Available on Android, this free application allows parents to monitor and control content, screen time and apps on their kid’s mobile devices, without the need of being physically present. This app is the one to be installed on the parents’ device. There is also another one which must be installed simultaneously on the children’s device to make the check possible.

Some key parental controls that protect kids from online dangers, like a shield (or Kavach, as the name suggests) are:

  • Safe browsing, web content filtering and safe search for major browsers. (Safe search needs to be enabled in Google by the parents)
  • Control internet usage and set time limit
  • Manage apps
  • Real time alerts in case of breach. If the parent cannot access internet, he’s sent an SMS. This allows swift action and measures to be taken to alleviate the issue
  • Kids can send SOS message, with geo location, to the parent from their device in case of emergency

eKAVACH App provides protection and guards children from various threats such as internet addiction, cyber bullying, cyber stalking and more.

My neighbours are, in my opinion, the #eSuperMom & #eSuperDad of the cyber era! Besides using the eKAVACH App, they take whatever little time they have from their hectic schedule to school their kids on online safety. Make sure you too speak to your children about healthy online activities so as to keep them aware. Also, download the eKAVACH app now and allow it to be an active participant in safeguarding your child!

Happy browsing!


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