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Berger Express Painting IndiBlogger Meet – Kolkata

photo 2
I love stalking… err… following, IndiBlogger; right from the posts on their website, to Facebook, Twitter and the likes. Basically, on every possible social platform. Wait, that counts as stalking. Oh, never mind! So, when I was snooping on them – uhh, scrolling down the web page, NOT snooping – I chanced upon a post about an upcoming Berger Express – IndiBlogger meet, in KOLKATA. My first reaction was, ‘Whoa! What? Kolkata?! Yay!’ My mind was buzzing with excitement and so loud, that for a minute I was worried my co-passenger might hear me! I managed to get home though the heady rush had me feeling trippy.
I signed up – but of course – and started badgering my blogger-friend, Arnaba (friend first, blogger later) to register too. The event was this Saturday and ever since, the hugely popular Indeep Bakshi song has taken on a new meaning in my life. *Kudi Saturday Saturday kardi rehndi ae*. Ahem! So, the truly grand evening was organised in the ornate conference hall of The Oberoi Grand Hotel.

photo 2 (2)
It’s been exactly a year to my first post (talk about co-incidences). The initial jitters of being a relative newbie in the blogger world vanished when we were greeted by amiable veteran bloggers. Kudos to the ever-smiling, Smart-Alec(y), super amazing IndiBlogger team for the warmth they showered throughout the evening. You guys are brilliant!
The tone of the evening was set by the anchor – whose subtle sarcasm and witty remarks deserve special mention – who made us ‘sing’ to Ich Will by Rammstein.

Hell Yeah!
Hell Yeah!

We started off with an introduction round. It was an enlightening session where I got to learn about people of varying ages and thought-processes. I honestly surprised myself as I volunteered to introduce my blog. I’ve not really been a mic person. I blog about everything under the sun, that catches my attention. I genuinely believe it’s better to be a Jack of all trades than a master of one (or two), which is plain boring. I mean, the first thing you do when you don’t know why you’re ill, is you visit a General Physician, right? There you go! Your go-to person is always a Jack, trust me!

IndiCapture. Thank you for my favourite pic, Team!
IndiCapture. Thank you for my favourite pic, Team!

photo 1
The star of the evening was Berger of course! The brand is synonymous with paint! Think painting, think Berger. We were shown an AV, a presentation and demonstrations of their new Express range. This trusted brand has brought in a product line that simply makes the process faster, cleaner and better.

photo 5

They have some powerful machines like the Hand Held Sander, Long Handle Sander, Multi-purpose Mixer, Auto Roller and Jet Washer. Berger brings out the colour in life. This Diwali, you know where you’re headed! Go ahead and let them paint your imagination!

Painting woes, now no more. Berger Express to the rescue!
Painting woes, now no more. Berger Express to the rescue!

Our first activity was the Sandpaper task, where, in groups of about 6, we had to smooth out a rough plank using sandpaper. Berger and IndiBlogger weren’t going to let us just sit around. Clearly, they wanted us to rough it out… I mean… smooth-it-out. (Such clever, much wow.) Our team, Bloggeratti, was ‘done and dusted’ (so much pun) in 34 seconds flat!

This picture is doctored! Nah, j/k, I just said that for pun's sake. Geddit, geddit?
This picture is doctored! Nah, j/k, I just said that for pun’s sake. Geddit, geddit?

The second task took the Berger tagline ‘paint your imagination’ to another level. The teams painted a social cause close to their hearts, on a canvas, with Berger paint! Well, not showing off really, we placed 2nd. Woohoo! We received a Microsoft Portable Dual Charger, each!

The Bloggeratti
The Bloggeratti

Speaking of winning, I won a JBL Portable Speaker for my #BergerXp tweet. (Still not showing off. Really.) Thank you guys for the gadgets and the sense of accomplishment that comes with the win.

I’m so glad Team Bloggeratti selected me to describe our painting to the judges. Impromptu speech that it was. Also, thank you for taking my interview on the Express range, Team Berger! I never thought I’d even be able to stutter, let alone speak, looking straight into the camera. But I did. Whoa! *shudders* I guess I am a mic person after all!

Swag level : Microsoft & JBL
Swag level : Microsoft & JBL

We wrapped it all up with a delicious plate-full of food and dessert, collected our Berger goodie bags and said our final good-byes.

photo 4 (2)
I only eat salad. No kidding.
The good stuff!
The good stuff!

An experience to cherish for a lifetime, I’m glad I met some wonderful fellow-bloggers. Thank you Berger, and IndiBlogger.

The Good People

And hey! Team IndiBlogger, hope to see you here again, real soon!

As you say, IndiBlogger. As you say.
As you say, IndiBlogger. As you say.

(A few images have been taken from the IndiBlogger Facebook page)


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