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The Ultimate Roadie – Prince Narula

Besides the obvious – he’s won the 12th season of MTV Hero Roadies X2, a show that needs no introduction – there are a number of reasons to love this Champ!

1. PTC Punjabi Mr. Punjab (2014) Runner-Up – I wonder how many knew that. Prince has a clear track record of accepting challenges and smashing them Like.A.Boss. He’s focused, knows what he wants and goes out and gets it!


2. Self confessed fitness freak – Have you SEEN his perfectly sculpted body? Well, that’s taken years of hard work. 6 years, to be precise. Let me remind you, he’s only 25 years old.


3. Jatt kehnda uth lehn de – This guy can do a full split with a smile on his face and a song on his lips. Really, what more do you want?! Is it just me or does the song sort-of fit the situation? Teri khabar lahunga khadke ve jatt kehnda uth lehn de.


4. Brain & Brawn – He’s quick-witted, honest and has amazing convincing power. He can floor you with his words, which was evident in the audition itself.

5. Prince ek hi hai yahan par – There’s only one Prince. The determination in him can be defined in one plain Hindi term – Junoon. His resolve isn’t of ordinary level; he just won’t take no for an answer and failure is not an option. He has to be one of the most inspiring Roadies thus far.

6. Walks the talk – And I promise ke main jeetunga. He means what he says and does what he means. These were his prophetic words to Rannvijay (Singha) when he was selected, “Sir, aapki baat sununga aur Roadie banke jaunga”. He made them come true and how! If that is not motivating, what is?


7. Guts and grit – Facing your brother-like buddy in the finale of a life time isn’t the easiest thing; especially when your opponent is Gurmeet Singh Rehal. Yet, he beat an equally strong and well-deserving candidate, to bag the coveted title. What a display of sportsman spirit it was!


8. The guy with a vadda dil – His gesture of giving the Hero Karizma ZMR, that he won on the show, to Gurmeet, is commendable! He’s indeed a person with a huge heart and it goes to show how he values friendship.


9. The fans – Needless to say, Prince has a huge fan following, with people rushing to see him wherever he goes. I read an interview where he spoke about a girl jumping out of an auto just to meet him. Well, he deserves every bit of the adulation he gets. With over 35K (and counting) followers on Instagram (@princenarula) and a Facebook profile that cannot accept any more friend requests, he’s surely won the hearts of the masses.

10. That smile – Is to die for. Yes, I’ve finally arrived at the point many must’ve been waiting to get to. It is a 1000 watt, million dollar and whatever-you-please smile. Add dimples and you my friend, have a weapon of mass destruction! Don’t believe me? Here take a look at this –


11. Splitsvilla Season 8 – Watch the rough-tough hero go ‘cute’. Catch him on the latest season of Splitsvilla, as the Prince of Roadies turns into the King of hearts!


Here’s the audition, start watching the video from 12:41!



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