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Punjab 1984

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~ Ohna Maavaan De Naam Jo Ajj Vi Apne Puttan Nu Udeekdiyaan Ne ~

(Dedicated to those mothers who await their sons even today)

Recently, the film completed a year since its release; an opportune instance for a recap and another round of applause. It deserves all the accolades in the world and then some more. I write not as a reviewer but a viewer; not as a critic but a fan, who’s watched it for the third time today. I write this, as I marvel at the evident diligence that has gone into its making. As a tribute to the director, actors, producers; I write, in obeisance to the martyrs who succumbed to those trying times.
Actor-Director duo of Diljit Dosanjh and Anurag Singh collaborated for the fourth time to create magic on-screen yet again. I personally feel glad to see the Punjabi Film Industry deviating from the comedy genre and making more thought-provoking movies.
The 1984 Punjab insurgency forms the crux. Focus, however, does not waver as it showcases the plight of a mother. One, who like many of that time, waited in anticipation to see her missing son return. The film depicts the journey of Satwant Kaur, looking for the apple of her eye, Shivjeet Singh Mann.

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Kirron Kher as Satwant Kaur takes one on an emotional roller coaster. It rends my heart to see Diljit Dosanjh’s character, the happy-go-lucky simpleton, raise a rifle. I believe, if you truly hate a villain, the actor has done his job well; trust Pavan Malhotra to deliver a stupendous performance every time. Sonam Bajwa looks lovely in her rustic avatar. Special mention to the supporting star cast whose stellar performances give you something to take back, a smile here and a tear there.
If Swaah Bann Ke doesn’t give you goose bumps, you probably need to get your pulse checked. All the songs are soul-stirring and leave a lasting impression.
All in all, with a strong story line, breath-taking performances and quality cinematography, Punjab 1984 has the makings of a contemporary classic.
For those who haven’t yet seen the film:
1. What are you waiting for? Hanukkah?
2. Spoiler alert! –>
It’s gut-wrenching to see the hero of the script succumb to a bullet at the very end. Just when you see him returning home, calling ‘Bole So Nihaal’ and are convinced it’s going to be a happy ending, *bam!* your hopes are dashed. As Shivjeet breathes his last, his mother’s wail rattles the soul and haunts you for a long time after you’re done watching.
On that note, I cannot wait to see Sardaar Ji, the latest and already very successful release of shining star Diljit Dosanjh.

photo 3(Pictures attached above have been taken from the official Instagram account of Diljit Dosanjh)


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