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I was in class but my mind in dreamland. Almost two years into post-graduation and I still catch myself behaving like a dewy-eyed school girl. In my defence, it isn’t everyday you have a celebrity visiting your University! (Not where I live, anyway.) After all, no matter how old you are, dil toh bachcha hai ji!
I’m not talking about any odd ‘wannabe’ star. He’s proven his mettle as an actor time and again and commands a huge fan following to say the least. Besides, he’s the rare guy who can leave me breathless every time I see him – on TV of course!
Being particularly fidgety and restless, it takes an immensely talented (or good looking – yes, that’ll do too) actor to keep me riveted. I’m not really a TV-person either. Yet, I remember watching episodes after episodes of the soppy drama he starred in a few years back. Then the re-runs too. All for the love of this brown-eyed cute guy who (still) doesn’t know I exist. Hey! Don’t you laugh at me! We’ve all done silly things. I dare you to say you haven’t!
It was Day 3 of the fest, which is a big deal by itself. Celeb quotient added, the hype simply sky-rocketed. The excitement in the air was palpable. His swanky car drew in at a speed that would put tortoises to shame. Why? Because, it had giant slugs clinging to it. Uh wait, no. No slugs, just a bunch of crazy fans who think it’s perfectly alright to ambush a celebrity’s car and paste themselves on it.
As the towering bodyguards shooed them away, I saw him step out, looking dapper as ever. “He looks even better in person,” I blurted, much to the amusement of a first-year student standing beside me. I felt my cheeks grow warm and pink but couldn’t care less. I’m glad I didn’t just faint right there. He was ushered away in haste and the mob followed like Pied Piper’s rats. (I do realise I just threw my fan-girling love story off track by introducing rats. But that’s me; I possess a brilliant knack of ruining wonderful moments.)
I turned and followed too. I don’t know why, I just did, as though on autopilot. I guess sometimes you have to drop all inhibitions and let your heart do the embarrassing stuff it wants to – like tailing a star around college. Not like I had a choice; I was a rat, remember?
From the glimpses I caught of his face, he seemed to be enjoying this Tom and Jerry game, rushing down the ancient University corridors, with the student-mob in hot pursuit. I can’t say the same for those bouncer-like security personnel who were clearly having a tough time.
The chase was more than worth it because at one point I was barely 3 feet away from him. With only a few people around. So close that I could’ve run up, hugged him and earned myself a free kick in the, er, you-know-where by his bodyguards. Oh, but don’t worry! Before you imagine me being lifted and thrown out of my own University let me tell you what I actually did… Nothing. I stared, frozen, breathless and star-struck; letting him walk past without a word. Well, how cute. I can smack myself, I swear. You can now go ahead and laugh at me, though a little sympathy would be better.
Oh well, it isn’t every day I encounter celebrities, nor every day that I act on impulse. He sure left me speechless and breathless but my heart full of memories. In the end it was good. All good.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


PS: For curious cats who may want to know, I’m talking about the versatile actor, anchor, model – Karan Kundra. Those who don’t, you are free to imagine who ever you please, instead. *ting*


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