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I was in class but my mind in dreamland. Almost two years into post-graduation and I still catch myself behaving like a dewy-eyed school girl. In my defence, it isn’t everyday you have a celebrity visiting your University! (Not where I live, anyway.) After all, no matter how old you are, dil toh bachcha hai ji!
I’m not talking about any odd ‘wannabe’ star. He’s proven his mettle as an actor time and again and commands a huge fan following to say the least. Besides, he’s the rare guy who can leave me breathless every time I see him – on TV of course!
Being particularly fidgety and restless, it takes an immensely talented (or good looking – yes, that’ll do too) actor to keep me riveted. I’m not really a TV-person either. Yet, I remember watching episodes after episodes of the soppy drama he starred in a few years back. Then the re-runs too. All for the love of this brown-eyed cute guy who (still) doesn’t know I exist. Hey! Don’t you laugh at me! We’ve all done silly things. I dare you to say you haven’t!
It was Day 3 of the fest, which is a big deal by itself. Celeb quotient added, the hype simply sky-rocketed. The excitement in the air was palpable. His swanky car drew in at a speed that would put tortoises to shame. Why? Because, it had giant slugs clinging to it. Uh wait, no. No slugs, just a bunch of crazy fans who think it’s perfectly alright to ambush a celebrity’s car and paste themselves on it.
As the towering bodyguards shooed them away, I saw him step out, looking dapper as ever. “He looks even better in person,” I blurted, much to the amusement of a first-year student standing beside me. I felt my cheeks grow warm and pink but couldn’t care less. I’m glad I didn’t just faint right there. He was ushered away in haste and the mob followed like Pied Piper’s rats. (I do realise I just threw my fan-girling love story off track by introducing rats. But that’s me; I possess a brilliant knack of ruining wonderful moments.)
I turned and followed too. I don’t know why, I just did, as though on autopilot. I guess sometimes you have to drop all inhibitions and let your heart do the embarrassing stuff it wants to – like tailing a star around college. Not like I had a choice; I was a rat, remember?
From the glimpses I caught of his face, he seemed to be enjoying this Tom and Jerry game, rushing down the ancient University corridors, with the student-mob in hot pursuit. I can’t say the same for those bouncer-like security personnel who were clearly having a tough time.
The chase was more than worth it because at one point I was barely 3 feet away from him. With only a few people around. So close that I could’ve run up, hugged him and earned myself a free kick in the, er, you-know-where by his bodyguards. Oh, but don’t worry! Before you imagine me being lifted and thrown out of my own University let me tell you what I actually did… Nothing. I stared, frozen, breathless and star-struck; letting him walk past without a word. Well, how cute. I can smack myself, I swear. You can now go ahead and laugh at me, though a little sympathy would be better.
Oh well, it isn’t every day I encounter celebrities, nor every day that I act on impulse. He sure left me speechless and breathless but my heart full of memories. In the end it was good. All good.

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PS: For curious cats who may want to know, I’m talking about the versatile actor, anchor, model – Karan Kundra. Those who don’t, you are free to imagine who ever you please, instead. *ting*

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Who’s The Boss?

Today has to be the worst day ever! Who does my boss think he is anyway? Let me see HIM meet the deadline with the cart-load of work we have to finish. He needs to get a grip and stop yelling at me as though it’s his birth right. The old man is off his rocker, I tell you! If only he cared to take note of the trouble his employees go through to keep this place running. If it wasn’t for our round-the-clock slogging, he would’ve been out of business ages ago. Kaput!
Oh, how I wish this day does a somersault and turns things around in my favour for a change. This dungeon of an office needs some freshness, both literally and figuratively. However, for that to happen, I’ll have to hope for a miracle! I really need a break. Maybe I should take a stroll for a while to divert my mind. Just some me-time and then I can get back to the grind.
Hey, wait a minute. I hear some music playing outside. It’s a peppy song and the voice is entrancing. The singer must indeed be a superstar with that kind of talent! I can hear a cheering crowd as well. Sounds like people are having a good time. What do not go hand in hand, are FUN and this sorry excuse for a ‘work environment’. It’s surprising that I hear sounds of merriment coming from anywhere near this depressing place. Wonder what’s happening downstairs. Wait, let me check and fill you in on the goings-on.
Hi, I’m back and you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you! Oh my God, I’m over the moon. So, I walked out to see what the hubbub was about and guess what! There I saw them – Anushka Manchanda, singing a catchy number in her enthralling voice and the immensely gifted actor, Allu Arjun, dancing to the beats in perfect sync. Doing what they do best, they had the mob rapt. How should people not be mesmerized, when they have the singing sensation and dancing king performing live! I struggled to make my way to the front and saw them up close. Stood there enjoying the performance and for once, did not mind being jostled by a swooning mob.
Artists of such stature performing on the street right outside my office! I could pinch myself and still not believe it! It’s like they were sent as an answer to my prayers. My day is made! So, I guess my #MaxFreshMove was making a move out of office. Taking time off to do what I want, instead of what I have to, seemed like the need of the hour. After all, the real boss of my life is ME. A million thanks to them for bringing a much needed whiff of freshness into my stifling work life. God is good. *All hail* May magic like this happen more often!

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

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Dream Team

It was snowing and the view from atop the mountain peak was spectacular. Cupping my hands around my mouth, I shouted my name. The echo responded. Then I heard it again, and again, and again. Louder each time. Err, isn’t the sound of an echo supposed to fade?
Then I felt myself fall off the cliff, as my chin slipped off my palm and my face slammed into the desk in front. I woke with a start. Oh great, I was daydreaming again. I do that a lot. Like, all the time.
It had not been an echo but my class mates trying to get me to join them for a game of Dumb Charades. I raised my hurt nose a little and peered at the teacher from my seat in the last row. She was droning on without the slightest inkling of how deathly boring she always is. Well, time to wake up, I thought as I muffled a yawn.
I heard music playing in the school grounds. Sounded like a concert. I strolled to the window and saw a large crowd of my school mates gathered in the basketball court. That’s strange. Our school fest was over last month and the stage had been dismantled, right?
I walked out of class without the teacher even bothering to look at me and made my way to the grounds. I had to investigate for myself, to know whether I was seeing right or losing my sanity to the History lesson.
I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was Anushka Manchanda, singing an incredibly melodious song. By her side was superstar Allu Arjun, regaling star-struck students with his impeccable dance moves. They had the crowd spellbound. Their fans were screaming themselves hoarse. What a wave of freshness they’ve brought to this utterly boring day, I thought to myself. That’s when I heard the two of them call my name. Huh, what? Me? Really? They want ME on stage with them? By the time I could absorb the feeling of this unbelievable moment, someone stepped on my big toe. Ouch, look where you’re going, I screamed.
Oh! Oh, God, no! Not again! I was pulled out of reverie-mode by my friend who had stepped on my foot, on purpose, to wake me. The teacher was yelling at the class in general and me in particular. She was going on about how I could have the cheek to sleep in her class and how she would have to write a note to my parents. Her scolding though, was having no effect on me. I was replaying and savoring every moment of my dream. I mean, it isn’t every day that celebrities with enviable talent call you to join them on stage! So what if it’s only in fantasy land?! They sure make a ‘dream’ team (pun intended). I was energized all right, and wide awake, mind you. You could say my #MaxFreshMove involved no movement at all. I did sleep my way to freshness after all! Ironic, isn’t it?

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

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Puppy Eyes

Don’t know why I sauntered to my living room window for a peek; call it intuition, if you please. There they were! Three balls of fur huddled and struggling over a bowl of food. Their unrestrained tails wagging at top speed. Yes, I’m talking about a litter of adorable puppies; two whites and a brown.

I write this, however, in memory of the other 3 babies who were lost to human negligence.

The security personnel of my building complex (bless them!) share an incredible human-animal bond with the strays in our locality, petting and feeding them biscuits. Street dogs particularly; cats are aloof, condescending and suspicious, albeit endearing in a mysterious way!

The management of the complex I live in doesn’t approve of harbouring strays. (Well, curses to them!) So, when the litter was born, our neighbours in the adjacent building took them in, to keep till they grow strong enough to take on the world.

I smile as I recall my first visit. 24 baby paws crawled up to me, licked my feet (that tickles!) and stared with beady eyes. In that moment, I realised I’d made six new friends; the best a person can have.

Choosing a favourite is practically impossible! The golden fellow was an over enthusiastic, exceptionally friendly one. The black-with-white-patches, was remarkably obedient; he’d just come and sit quietly by my side. On the other hand, the one with shiny black fur, turned out to be quite a little drama queen! Ignore him for a minute, and he would lay down flat on the ground, pretending to be sad. He’d then roll over, looking expectantly for a pat and treat.

Dogs have pretty, moist eyes. They attack poor, unsuspecting humans with weapons of innocence and cuteness. It’s unfair, I tell you! Those puppy eyes can melt the iciest of hearts.

Time constraints don’t permit me many visits. I was in the dark until the security guard informed me how the little black one was the first to succumb to an accident. A biker ran over him at mid night as he was crossing the road with his mother. I blanked out for a moment, numb. Mr. Black Beauty… No, this can’t be… But he was so small! He went on to explain how the other 2 babies met the same unfortunate fate; all in a matter of two consecutive weeks. My buddies! Mr. Patches and chubby Mr. Golden Bully; oh how I’ll miss them!

Such motorists should be fined, jailed and have their license revoked. Though laws are meant to protect defenceless creatures from the brunt of human recklessness, unfortunately nabbing these criminals is nearly impossible. The loss has left us all rattled.

They’re nearly 2 months old now and fast outgrowing their first home. Their protective mommy is training them to survive in the big bad world. Them return sometimes for a treat or two and I watch them from the vantage point of my first floor apartment. The yip-yaps and shrill calls enliven the atmosphere. They play games that resemble hide-and-seek, catch-and-catch and mock-wrestling; much like human children. While one prances, the other dawdles off with the empty bowl in its mouth.

They’re a delight to the senses. Simply looking at them can lift one’s spirits. I miss having them in the vicinity all the time. I also miss my other 3 tiny packets of love; R.I.P, my angels.