Poetry · Writing

Being The Hero You Are

When followers on Instagram decide

Who’s the real star;

When you blog for people to know

How you spent that hour;

Social media has taken over

It’s set the bar,

When a re-tweet defines

The worth of your art;

You let 550 random people

Judge whether you’re smart;

When your popularity is confirmed

By your Facebook friend-list

You believe you’ve got everything

But there’s something you’ve missed.

For every minute spent online

You lose 60 seconds of life;

Look up from the world of

Half truths and lies;

There’s a universe to explore

Before time flies!

From the internet we disconnect,

So with people we can connect;

Pin up pictures on room walls,

Go out, make plans, give them a call;

Step out and see those sunshine smiles,

Share experiences but not online;

Like people, not posts,

It’s one life, make the most!

Don’t let others put out your spark

You’re your own flame in the dark;

Spread love in the real world,

Listen to the beat of a heart;

Yes, agreed, they are a part,

But don’t let them judge you,

Who are miles apart!

Let the virtual world,

Not dictate who you are;

You’re your own hero,

You know you are!


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