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Her Majesty!



I felt it for maybe a second and really can’t put a finger on which word best describes it. Yes, you may find it strange, me telling you this, private person that I am. I will all the same because I know, sometime, somewhere, you’ve felt it too. Overwhelmed. Yes, if I may use the term.
My first visit to a pandal, this Durga Puja was on the last day. Glad to be greeted by my most favourite sound in the world – the dhaak beats – I stood in reverence. More like, in awe. Maa, adorned in gold seemingly gazed back at me. ‘Ya, right!’ I thought. ‘As if she has nothing better to do than take note of you,’ I reprimanded myself. Before I could belittle myself any further, I felt it. Overwhelmed! Everything blurred for a moment. It was just me, her and the dhaak beats (that grew louder and faster, obliterating everything else around). And then I did something I haven’t done in ages. Not in public, at least; you know, private person and all. I cried. I haven’t done that in ages either, admitting it, I mean. Don’t know what it was but I definitely returned home with a lighter heart than I’d started out with and this is all I have to say… Bolo Durga Maa Ki Jai.


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