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Thinker Belle

I’m lazy, which basically means I have an idle mind. An idle mind… Uh oh, Mr. Devil just found himself a new workshop! Summoning all my strength I finally got down to typing this out today. I thought of giving it some prior thought but I don’t think thinking so much is a very favorable thought. Oh well! Here goes nothing!
I’m totally into sports… No really, I am… Only if it’s called ‘Playing With Words’. You play without moving an inch. Ah! My kind of sport. So my username Kashmakash, the eternal doubt of my restless mind and all, is actually an acronym-of-sorts of my full name; first name being Kashish. Another acronym is Karma, or as you see, Mehkashi. Oh how I love intense, beautiful Hindi words! I’d given those quite a lot of thought years ago though; they didn’t just pop out of thin air. There you go, I think I do think sometimes. Yay! Oh Mr. Devil, go find another place, this workshop, err, brain is mine! All mine! *evil laugh*
Ideas come to me when the world sleeps and creatures of the dark come out to play. Yes, you got it, late at night or the wee hours, when I’m finally about to let my insomniac self lapse into sweet, deep slumber. Or sometimes in dreams. Coleridge, much? Umm… Let’s just say I have my ‘Eureka!’ moments too, quite like Archimedes, in the… Oh you know where!
Till the next time, eat, sleep, work hard (yes, you need that too) but don’t forget to chill. Whoever says sloth is a sin, we’ll show them, yeah we so will… Buuut procrastinators that we are, let’s save it for another time. It’s been too much work for one day!
C’ya & Cheers!


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